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High Airtightness Insulated Sandwich Panels Aluminized For Seafood Cold Room

хорошее качество Здания промышленной стали для сбываний
хорошее качество Здания промышленной стали для сбываний
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High Airtightness Insulated Sandwich Panels Aluminized For Seafood Cold Room

Китай High Airtightness Insulated Sandwich Panels Aluminized For Seafood Cold Room поставщик

Большие изображения :  High Airtightness Insulated Sandwich Panels Aluminized For Seafood Cold Room

Подробная информация о продукте:

Место происхождения: Ханчжоу, Кита
Фирменное наименование: HongFeng
Сертификация: ISO,SGS,CE,COC,etc.
Номер модели: 950mm & 1150mm

Оплата и доставка Условия:

Количество мин заказа: 100 квадратных метров
Цена: 6-12USD Per Square Meter
Упаковывая детали: Стандартная Seaworthy упаковка
Время доставки: 7-15days
Условия оплаты: L/C, T/T, западное соединение, MoneyGram
Поставка способности: 200.000 квадратных метров в месяц
Подробное описание продукта
Тип: Панели потолка Вещество активной зоны: Полистироль
Толщина: 95mm Плотность: 10 кг
Материал панели: стальной лист Использование: стальные здания
Обработка поверхностей: Гальванизированный Эффективная ширина: 950mm

High Airtightness Insulated Sandwich Panels Aluminized For Seafood Cold Room

Cold Room  PU(Polyurethane)  Thermal Insulated Panels

Walk in freezer Size and temperature can be made according to the customers' requirements
0 °C ~ + 22°C: Communication Station, Mushroom Plant, Medicines Storage, Processing Room, Packing Room
-5 °C ~ + 5 °C: Pre-Cooling, Keep Fresh,
-10 °C ~ -20 °C: Freezer Storage
-25 °C ~ -30 °C: Low Temperature Storage, Quick-Freeze
-35 °C ~ -50 °C: Blast Freezer, Quick-Freezer


Cold room door panels are joined together by means of tongue and groove and locked together by camlock on each side of the panel to ensure air tight joints. 
* Cam-lock design fastener to install with the cold room tightly and strongly

* Silica gel are used on the cold room door panel edge of the joint parts of each sandwich panel to ensure perfect sealing to avoid the cooling air leakage from the cool roomor moisture inside the PU insulated panel for the best refrigeration and frozen storage result


Cold Room Polyurethane ( PU) Sandwich Panels


50, 75, 100, 150 , 200 mm


38 - 40 – 43 – 46 kg / m3




Camlock (tongue and groove)


External is color steel or stainless steel or Aluminium (Stucco embossed or pre-painted)


Wall & Floor & Ceiling


Sliding door and Swing door


Hotelshospitalsblood banks, poultry slaughter and processing, aquaculture and processing, mushroom cultivation, agricultural product processing, dairy production, pharmaceutical processing and logistics, beverage production and processing, beer production and cooling, large-scale logistics storage, chemical product cooling, leather manufacturing, injection molding, machine cooling, steel cooling, communication equipment,ship manufacturing and more. 
1). Swing door and Sliding door available.
2). Swing door: Manual, Automatic available etc.
3). Door panel made with special pressing technology PU material.
4). Door frame: color steel or stainless steel.
5). With Heater and anti-stuck system.
Hinged doors are of various types such as single leaf or double leaf , overlapping or flush . These doors are
always open in the outward direction towards either left or the right .
Hangzhou FAMOUS Steel Engineering Co.,Ltd. focus on various structural steel construction and steel-related
products supplying.  Under support of structural giant Hongfeng Industrial Group, FAMOUS received a lot of
foreign projects from project engineering, fabrication, logistic and installation guidance etc. and become more
professional in foreign project operation, specially in US-EU standard engineering and project management aspects.
The company covers an area of 360,000 sq.m. with registered capital of 100 million Yuan and the total assets of 970
million Yuan. It owns advanced professional production equipment for the all automation production line of H type
that is most advanced at home, pipe truss structure, boxbeam production lines, CNC hydraulic punching posterior
cutting C type steel, Z type steel production lines, vertical seam 360-degree whipstitch roof board of hidden button
type, weather board production lines and metal sandwich panel production lines, etc.

Контактная информация
FAMOUS Steel Engineering Company

Контактное лицо: Mr gao

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